Thanks for attending the launch event... 

If you have applied to join HARS, or are planning to do this, once you submit your application form, you will be invited to attend an individual careers interview that has been particularly designed for HARS students, led by a qualified careers consultant. 
By attending the careers interview you can... 
Find out how being an active member of HARS can significantly enhance your graduate attend 
Discover how taking advantage of HARS opportunities can also help your achieve your Graduate plus award 
Find out more about HARS activities and how they can help you develop your skills, experience and network 
Get some advice on career planning and how you can make the most of the rest of your time at BCU 
Explore how you can use HARS to develop your BCU Graduate Attributes 

Take action now and: 

1. Complete your application form to apply to be part of the scheme here | 2. Attend your careers interview | 3. Attend the HARS seminar series - bookable on moodle 

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