The HARS scheme are delighted to be launching HARS Scholarships in February 2018. Any active HARS student who meets the minimum engagement criteria is eligible to apply for one of 8 available scholarships. Applications are open until 2nd March 2018.  
It is anticipated that further Scholars will be awarded in September 2018 for the new academic year also.  
The minimum criteria you must meet in order to apply to be awarded a scholarship is as follows: 
* Excellent attendance at HARS Seminar series and additional workshops 
* Be a role model/advocate for the scheme: e.g. attend open days, provide opportunities to market the scheme, answer queries about the scheme, attend steering group meetings 
* Demonstrate confidence and leadership and have a great ability to communicate 
* Be a student voice – get involved in gathering feedback and acting upon it 
* Be a mentor to others and engage in mentoring sessions with HARS faculty Lead 
* Actively contribute to discussions about the scheme and its future development 
* Model key professional qualities such as reliability, consistency, commitment, determination, flexibility, resilience and going the extra mile 
If you meet the criteria and would like to apply, then please complete the application form which can be found here.  
You will need to submit your completed application and video file to the HARS Moodle page, under the scholarship tile.